Bitcoin Core  21.99.0
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OverrideStream< Stream > Member List

This is the complete list of members for OverrideStream< Stream >, including all inherited members.

GetType() constOverrideStream< Stream >inline
GetVersion() constOverrideStream< Stream >inline
ignore(size_t size)OverrideStream< Stream >inline
nTypeOverrideStream< Stream >private
nVersionOverrideStream< Stream >private
operator<<(const T &obj)OverrideStream< Stream >inline
operator>>(T &&obj)OverrideStream< Stream >inline
OverrideStream(Stream *stream_, int nType_, int nVersion_)OverrideStream< Stream >inline
read(char *pch, size_t nSize)OverrideStream< Stream >inline
size() constOverrideStream< Stream >inline
streamOverrideStream< Stream >private
write(const char *pch, size_t nSize)OverrideStream< Stream >inline