Bitcoin Core  21.99.0
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2010-2020 The Bitcoin Core developers
2 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
3 // file COPYING or
5 #include <util/error.h>
7 #include <tinyformat.h>
8 #include <util/system.h>
9 #include <util/translation.h>
12 {
13  switch (err) {
15  return Untranslated("No error");
17  return Untranslated("Inputs missing or spent");
19  return Untranslated("Transaction already in block chain");
21  return Untranslated("Peer-to-peer functionality missing or disabled");
23  return Untranslated("Transaction rejected by AcceptToMemoryPool");
25  return Untranslated("AcceptToMemoryPool failed");
27  return Untranslated("PSBT is not well-formed");
29  return Untranslated("PSBTs not compatible (different transactions)");
31  return Untranslated("Specified sighash value does not match value stored in PSBT");
33  return Untranslated("Fee exceeds maximum configured by user (e.g. -maxtxfee, maxfeerate)");
34  // no default case, so the compiler can warn about missing cases
35  }
36  assert(false);
37 }
39 bilingual_str ResolveErrMsg(const std::string& optname, const std::string& strBind)
40 {
41  return strprintf(_("Cannot resolve -%s address: '%s'"), optname, strBind);
42 }
44 bilingual_str AmountHighWarn(const std::string& optname)
45 {
46  return strprintf(_("%s is set very high!"), optname);
47 }
49 bilingual_str AmountErrMsg(const std::string& optname, const std::string& strValue)
50 {
51  return strprintf(_("Invalid amount for -%s=<amount>: '%s'"), optname, strValue);
52 }
bilingual_str ResolveErrMsg(const std::string &optname, const std::string &strBind)
Definition: error.cpp:39
bilingual_str AmountErrMsg(const std::string &optname, const std::string &strValue)
Definition: error.cpp:49
Bilingual messages:
Definition: translation.h:16
#define strprintf
Format arguments and return the string or write to given std::ostream (see tinyformat::format doc for...
Definition: tinyformat.h:1164
bilingual_str Untranslated(std::string original)
Mark a bilingual_str as untranslated.
Definition: translation.h:40
bilingual_str TransactionErrorString(const TransactionError err)
Definition: error.cpp:11
bilingual_str _(const char *psz)
Translation function.
Definition: translation.h:57
bilingual_str AmountHighWarn(const std::string &optname)
Definition: error.cpp:44
Definition: error.h:22