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load.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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bool wallet::VerifyWallets (WalletContext &context)
 Responsible for reading and validating the -wallet arguments and verifying the wallet database. More...
bool wallet::LoadWallets (WalletContext &context)
 Load wallet databases. More...
void wallet::StartWallets (WalletContext &context)
 Complete startup of wallets. More...
void wallet::FlushWallets (WalletContext &context)
 Flush all wallets in preparation for shutdown. More...
void wallet::StopWallets (WalletContext &context)
 Stop all wallets. Wallets will be flushed first. More...
void wallet::UnloadWallets (WalletContext &context)
 Close all wallets. More...