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psbtwallet.cpp File Reference
#include <wallet/psbtwallet.h>
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TransactionError FillPSBT (const CWallet *pwallet, PartiallySignedTransaction &psbtx, bool &complete, int sighash_type, bool sign, bool bip32derivs)
 Fills out a PSBT with information from the wallet. More...

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TransactionError FillPSBT ( const CWallet pwallet,
PartiallySignedTransaction psbtx,
bool &  complete,
int  sighash_type = 1,
bool  sign = true,
bool  bip32derivs = true 

Fills out a PSBT with information from the wallet.

Fills in UTXOs if we have them. Tries to sign if sign=true. Sets complete if the PSBT is now complete (i.e. has all required signatures or signature-parts, and is ready to finalize.) Sets error and returns false if something goes wrong.

[in]pwalletpointer to a wallet
[in]psbtxPartiallySignedTransaction to fill in
[out]completeindicates whether the PSBT is now complete
[in]sighash_typethe sighash type to use when signing (if PSBT does not specify)
[in]signwhether to sign or not
[in]bip32derivswhether to fill in bip32 derivation information if available return error

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