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CCoinsViewMemPool Class Reference

CCoinsView that brings transactions from a mempool into view. More...

#include <txmempool.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CCoinsViewMemPool (CCoinsView *baseIn, const CTxMemPool &mempoolIn)
bool GetCoin (const COutPoint &outpoint, Coin &coin) const override
 GetCoin, returning whether it exists and is not spent. More...
void PackageAddTransaction (const CTransactionRef &tx)
 Add the coins created by this transaction. More...
std::unordered_set< COutPoint, SaltedOutpointHasherGetNonBaseCoins () const
 Get all coins in m_non_base_coins. More...
void Reset ()
 Clear m_temp_added and m_non_base_coins. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCoinsViewBacked
 CCoinsViewBacked (CCoinsView *viewIn)
bool HaveCoin (const COutPoint &outpoint) const override
 Just check whether a given outpoint is unspent. More...
uint256 GetBestBlock () const override
 Retrieve the block hash whose state this CCoinsView currently represents. More...
std::vector< uint256GetHeadBlocks () const override
 Retrieve the range of blocks that may have been only partially written. More...
void SetBackend (CCoinsView &viewIn)
bool BatchWrite (CCoinsMap &mapCoins, const uint256 &hashBlock, bool erase=true) override
 Do a bulk modification (multiple Coin changes + BestBlock change). More...
std::unique_ptr< CCoinsViewCursorCursor () const override
 Get a cursor to iterate over the whole state. More...
size_t EstimateSize () const override
 Estimate database size (0 if not implemented) More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCoinsView
virtual ~CCoinsView ()
 As we use CCoinsViews polymorphically, have a virtual destructor. More...

Protected Attributes

const CTxMemPoolmempool
- Protected Attributes inherited from CCoinsViewBacked

Private Attributes

std::unordered_map< COutPoint, Coin, SaltedOutpointHasherm_temp_added
 Coins made available by transactions being validated. More...
std::unordered_set< COutPoint, SaltedOutpointHasherm_non_base_coins
 Set of all coins that have been fetched from mempool or created using PackageAddTransaction (not base). More...

Detailed Description

CCoinsView that brings transactions from a mempool into view.

It does not check for spendings by memory pool transactions. Instead, it provides access to all Coins which are either unspent in the base CCoinsView, are outputs from any mempool transaction, or are tracked temporarily to allow transaction dependencies in package validation. This allows transaction replacement to work as expected, as you want to have all inputs "available" to check signatures, and any cycles in the dependency graph are checked directly in AcceptToMemoryPool. It also allows you to sign a double-spend directly in signrawtransactionwithkey and signrawtransactionwithwallet, as long as the conflicting transaction is not yet confirmed.

Definition at line 833 of file txmempool.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CCoinsViewMemPool()

CCoinsViewMemPool::CCoinsViewMemPool ( CCoinsView baseIn,
const CTxMemPool mempoolIn 

Definition at line 976 of file txmempool.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCoin()

bool CCoinsViewMemPool::GetCoin ( const COutPoint outpoint,
Coin coin 
) const

GetCoin, returning whether it exists and is not spent.

Also updates m_non_base_coins if the coin is not fetched from base.

Reimplemented from CCoinsViewBacked.

Definition at line 978 of file txmempool.cpp.

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◆ GetNonBaseCoins()

std::unordered_set<COutPoint, SaltedOutpointHasher> CCoinsViewMemPool::GetNonBaseCoins ( ) const

Get all coins in m_non_base_coins.

Definition at line 858 of file txmempool.h.

◆ PackageAddTransaction()

void CCoinsViewMemPool::PackageAddTransaction ( const CTransactionRef tx)

Add the coins created by this transaction.

These coins are only temporarily stored in m_temp_added and cannot be flushed to the back end. Only used for package validation.

Definition at line 1002 of file txmempool.cpp.

◆ Reset()

void CCoinsViewMemPool::Reset ( )

Clear m_temp_added and m_non_base_coins.

Definition at line 1009 of file txmempool.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_non_base_coins

std::unordered_set<COutPoint, SaltedOutpointHasher> CCoinsViewMemPool::m_non_base_coins

Set of all coins that have been fetched from mempool or created using PackageAddTransaction (not base).

Used to track the origin of a coin, see GetNonBaseCoins().

Definition at line 845 of file txmempool.h.

◆ m_temp_added

std::unordered_map<COutPoint, Coin, SaltedOutpointHasher> CCoinsViewMemPool::m_temp_added

Coins made available by transactions being validated.

Tracking these allows for package validation, since we can access transaction outputs without submitting them to mempool.

Definition at line 839 of file txmempool.h.

◆ mempool

const CTxMemPool& CCoinsViewMemPool::mempool

Definition at line 847 of file txmempool.h.

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