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Notificator Class Reference

Cross-platform desktop notification client. More...

#include <notificator.h>

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Public Types

enum  Class { Information , Warning , Critical }

Public Slots

void notify (Class cls, const QString &title, const QString &text, const QIcon &icon=QIcon(), int millisTimeout=10000)
 Show notification message. More...

Public Member Functions

 Notificator (const QString &programName, QSystemTrayIcon *trayIcon, QWidget *parent)
 Create a new notificator. More...
 ~Notificator ()

Private Types

enum  Mode { None , Freedesktop , QSystemTray , UserNotificationCenter }

Private Member Functions

void notifySystray (Class cls, const QString &title, const QString &text, int millisTimeout)

Private Attributes

QWidget * parent
QString programName
Mode mode {None}
QSystemTrayIcon * trayIcon

Detailed Description

Cross-platform desktop notification client.

Definition at line 22 of file notificator.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Class


Informational message.


Notify user of potential problem.


An error occurred.

Definition at line 34 of file notificator.h.

◆ Mode

enum Notificator::Mode

Ignore informational notifications, and show a modal pop-up dialog for Critical notifications.


Use DBus org.freedesktop.Notifications.


Use QSystemTrayIcon::showMessage()


Use the 10.8+ User Notification Center (Mac only)

Definition at line 55 of file notificator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Notificator()

Notificator::Notificator ( const QString &  programName,
QSystemTrayIcon *  trayIcon,
QWidget *  parent 

Create a new notificator.

Ownership of trayIcon is not transferred to this object.

Definition at line 33 of file notificator.cpp.

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◆ ~Notificator()

Notificator::~Notificator ( )

Definition at line 59 of file notificator.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ notify

void Notificator::notify ( Class  cls,
const QString &  title,
const QString &  text,
const QIcon &  icon = QIcon(),
int  millisTimeout = 10000 

Show notification message.

[in]clsgeneral message class
[in]titletitle shown with message
[in]textmessage content
[in]iconoptional icon to show with message
[in]millisTimeoutnotification timeout in milliseconds (defaults to 10 seconds)
Platform implementations are free to ignore any of the provided fields except for text.

Definition at line 219 of file notificator.cpp.

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◆ notifySystray()

void Notificator::notifySystray ( Class  cls,
const QString &  title,
const QString &  text,
int  millisTimeout 

Definition at line 199 of file notificator.cpp.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ mode

Mode Notificator::mode {None}

Definition at line 62 of file notificator.h.

◆ parent

QWidget* Notificator::parent

Definition at line 54 of file notificator.h.

◆ programName

QString Notificator::programName

Definition at line 61 of file notificator.h.

◆ trayIcon

QSystemTrayIcon* Notificator::trayIcon

Definition at line 63 of file notificator.h.

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