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miniscript.cpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <script/script.h>
#include <script/miniscript.h>
#include <assert.h>
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Type miniscript::internal::SanitizeType (Type x)
 A helper sanitizer/checker for the output of CalcType. More...
Type miniscript::internal::ComputeType (Fragment fragment, Type x, Type y, Type z, const std::vector< Type > &sub_types, uint32_t k, size_t data_size, size_t n_subs, size_t n_keys)
 Helper function for Node::CalcType. More...
size_t miniscript::internal::ComputeScriptLen (Fragment fragment, Type sub0typ, size_t subsize, uint32_t k, size_t n_subs, size_t n_keys)
 Helper function for Node::CalcScriptLen. More...
InputStack miniscript::internal::operator+ (InputStack a, InputStack b)
InputStack miniscript::internal::operator| (InputStack a, InputStack b)
std::optional< std::vector< Opcode > > miniscript::internal::DecomposeScript (const CScript &script)
 Decode a script into opcode/push pairs. More...
std::optional< int64_t > miniscript::internal::ParseScriptNumber (const Opcode &in)
 Determine whether the passed pair (created by DecomposeScript) is pushing a number. More...
int miniscript::internal::FindNextChar (Span< const char > sp, const char m)