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WitnessV1Taproot Struct Reference

#include <addresstype.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WitnessV1Taproot ()
 WitnessV1Taproot (const XOnlyPubKey &xpk)
- Public Member Functions inherited from XOnlyPubKey
 XOnlyPubKey ()=default
 Construct an empty x-only pubkey. More...
 XOnlyPubKey (const XOnlyPubKey &)=default
XOnlyPubKeyoperator= (const XOnlyPubKey &)=default
bool IsFullyValid () const
 Determine if this pubkey is fully valid. More...
bool IsNull () const
 Test whether this is the 0 key (the result of default construction). More...
 XOnlyPubKey (Span< const unsigned char > bytes)
 Construct an x-only pubkey from exactly 32 bytes. More...
 XOnlyPubKey (const CPubKey &pubkey)
 Construct an x-only pubkey from a normal pubkey. More...
bool VerifySchnorr (const uint256 &msg, Span< const unsigned char > sigbytes) const
 Verify a Schnorr signature against this public key. More...
uint256 ComputeTapTweakHash (const uint256 *merkle_root) const
 Compute the Taproot tweak as specified in BIP341, with *this as internal key: More...
bool CheckTapTweak (const XOnlyPubKey &internal, const uint256 &merkle_root, bool parity) const
 Verify that this is a Taproot tweaked output point, against a specified internal key, Merkle root, and parity. More...
std::optional< std::pair< XOnlyPubKey, bool > > CreateTapTweak (const uint256 *merkle_root) const
 Construct a Taproot tweaked output point with this point as internal key. More...
std::vector< CKeyIDGetKeyIDs () const
 Returns a list of CKeyIDs for the CPubKeys that could have been used to create this XOnlyPubKey. More...
CPubKey GetEvenCorrespondingCPubKey () const
const unsigned char & operator[] (int pos) const
const unsigned char * data () const
const unsigned char * begin () const
const unsigned char * end () const
unsigned char * data ()
unsigned char * begin ()
unsigned char * end ()
bool operator== (const XOnlyPubKey &other) const
bool operator!= (const XOnlyPubKey &other) const
bool operator< (const XOnlyPubKey &other) const
 Implement serialization without length prefixes since it is a fixed length. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XOnlyPubKey
static constexpr size_t size ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from XOnlyPubKey
static const XOnlyPubKey NUMS_H {NUMS_H_DATA}
 Nothing Up My Sleeve point H Used as an internal key for provably disabling the key path spend see BIP341 for more details. More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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WitnessV1Taproot::WitnessV1Taproot ( )

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◆ WitnessV1Taproot() [2/2]

WitnessV1Taproot::WitnessV1Taproot ( const XOnlyPubKey xpk)

Definition at line 90 of file addresstype.h.

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