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wallet::WalletTestingSetup Struct Reference

Testing setup and teardown for wallet. More...

#include <wallet_test_fixture.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WalletTestingSetup (const std::string &chainName=CBaseChainParams::MAIN)
 ~WalletTestingSetup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TestingSetup
 TestingSetup (const std::string &chainName=CBaseChainParams::MAIN, const std::vector< const char * > &extra_args={})
- Public Member Functions inherited from ChainTestingSetup
 ChainTestingSetup (const std::string &chainName=CBaseChainParams::MAIN, const std::vector< const char * > &extra_args={})
 ~ChainTestingSetup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BasicTestingSetup
 BasicTestingSetup (const std::string &chainName=CBaseChainParams::MAIN, const std::vector< const char * > &extra_args={})
 ~BasicTestingSetup ()

Public Attributes

std::unique_ptr< interfaces::WalletLoaderm_wallet_loader = interfaces::MakeWalletLoader(*m_node.chain, *Assert(m_node.args))
CWallet m_wallet
std::unique_ptr< interfaces::Handlerm_chain_notifications_handler
- Public Attributes inherited from ChainTestingSetup
node::CacheSizes m_cache_sizes {}
- Public Attributes inherited from BasicTestingSetup
ECCVerifyHandle globalVerifyHandle
node::NodeContext m_node
const fs::path m_path_root
ArgsManager m_args

Detailed Description

Testing setup and teardown for wallet.

Definition at line 21 of file wallet_test_fixture.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WalletTestingSetup()

wallet::WalletTestingSetup::WalletTestingSetup ( const std::string &  chainName = CBaseChainParams::MAIN)

Definition at line 10 of file wallet_test_fixture.cpp.

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◆ ~WalletTestingSetup()

wallet::WalletTestingSetup::~WalletTestingSetup ( )

Definition at line 19 of file wallet_test_fixture.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_chain_notifications_handler

std::unique_ptr<interfaces::Handler> wallet::WalletTestingSetup::m_chain_notifications_handler

Definition at line 27 of file wallet_test_fixture.h.

◆ m_wallet

CWallet wallet::WalletTestingSetup::m_wallet

Definition at line 26 of file wallet_test_fixture.h.

◆ m_wallet_loader

std::unique_ptr<interfaces::WalletLoader> wallet::WalletTestingSetup::m_wallet_loader = interfaces::MakeWalletLoader(*m_node.chain, *Assert(m_node.args))

Definition at line 25 of file wallet_test_fixture.h.

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