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CNodeStats Class Reference

#include <net.h>

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Public Attributes

NodeId nodeid
ServiceFlags nServices
bool fRelayTxes
int64_t nLastSend
int64_t nLastRecv
int64_t nLastTXTime
int64_t nLastBlockTime
int64_t nTimeConnected
int64_t nTimeOffset
std::string addrName
int nVersion
std::string cleanSubVer
bool fInbound
bool m_manual_connection
int nStartingHeight
uint64_t nSendBytes
mapMsgCmdSize mapSendBytesPerMsgCmd
uint64_t nRecvBytes
mapMsgCmdSize mapRecvBytesPerMsgCmd
NetPermissionFlags m_permissionFlags
bool m_legacyWhitelisted
int64_t m_ping_usec
int64_t m_ping_wait_usec
int64_t m_min_ping_usec
CAmount minFeeFilter
std::string addrLocal
CAddress addr
CAddress addrBind
std::string m_network
uint32_t m_mapped_as
std::string m_conn_type_string

Detailed Description

Definition at line 682 of file net.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ addr

CAddress CNodeStats::addr

Definition at line 713 of file net.h.

◆ addrBind

CAddress CNodeStats::addrBind

Definition at line 715 of file net.h.

◆ addrLocal

std::string CNodeStats::addrLocal

Definition at line 711 of file net.h.

◆ addrName

std::string CNodeStats::addrName

Definition at line 694 of file net.h.

◆ cleanSubVer

std::string CNodeStats::cleanSubVer

Definition at line 696 of file net.h.

◆ fInbound

bool CNodeStats::fInbound

Definition at line 697 of file net.h.

◆ fRelayTxes

bool CNodeStats::fRelayTxes

Definition at line 687 of file net.h.

◆ m_conn_type_string

std::string CNodeStats::m_conn_type_string

Definition at line 719 of file net.h.

◆ m_legacyWhitelisted

bool CNodeStats::m_legacyWhitelisted

Definition at line 705 of file net.h.

◆ m_manual_connection

bool CNodeStats::m_manual_connection

Definition at line 698 of file net.h.

◆ m_mapped_as

uint32_t CNodeStats::m_mapped_as

Definition at line 718 of file net.h.

◆ m_min_ping_usec

int64_t CNodeStats::m_min_ping_usec

Definition at line 708 of file net.h.

◆ m_network

std::string CNodeStats::m_network

Definition at line 717 of file net.h.

◆ m_permissionFlags

NetPermissionFlags CNodeStats::m_permissionFlags

Definition at line 704 of file net.h.

◆ m_ping_usec

int64_t CNodeStats::m_ping_usec

Definition at line 706 of file net.h.

◆ m_ping_wait_usec

int64_t CNodeStats::m_ping_wait_usec

Definition at line 707 of file net.h.

◆ mapRecvBytesPerMsgCmd

mapMsgCmdSize CNodeStats::mapRecvBytesPerMsgCmd

Definition at line 703 of file net.h.

◆ mapSendBytesPerMsgCmd

mapMsgCmdSize CNodeStats::mapSendBytesPerMsgCmd

Definition at line 701 of file net.h.

◆ minFeeFilter

CAmount CNodeStats::minFeeFilter

Definition at line 709 of file net.h.

◆ nLastBlockTime

int64_t CNodeStats::nLastBlockTime

Definition at line 691 of file net.h.

◆ nLastRecv

int64_t CNodeStats::nLastRecv

Definition at line 689 of file net.h.

◆ nLastSend

int64_t CNodeStats::nLastSend

Definition at line 688 of file net.h.

◆ nLastTXTime

int64_t CNodeStats::nLastTXTime

Definition at line 690 of file net.h.

◆ nodeid

NodeId CNodeStats::nodeid

Definition at line 685 of file net.h.

◆ nRecvBytes

uint64_t CNodeStats::nRecvBytes

Definition at line 702 of file net.h.

◆ nSendBytes

uint64_t CNodeStats::nSendBytes

Definition at line 700 of file net.h.

◆ nServices

ServiceFlags CNodeStats::nServices

Definition at line 686 of file net.h.

◆ nStartingHeight

int CNodeStats::nStartingHeight

Definition at line 699 of file net.h.

◆ nTimeConnected

int64_t CNodeStats::nTimeConnected

Definition at line 692 of file net.h.

◆ nTimeOffset

int64_t CNodeStats::nTimeOffset

Definition at line 693 of file net.h.

◆ nVersion

int CNodeStats::nVersion

Definition at line 695 of file net.h.

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