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fees.cpp File Reference
#include <policy/fees.h>
#include <clientversion.h>
#include <fs.h>
#include <logging.h>
#include <streams.h>
#include <txmempool.h>
#include <util/serfloat.h>
#include <util/system.h>
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class  TxConfirmStats
 We will instantiate an instance of this class to track transactions that were included in a block. More...


std::string StringForFeeEstimateHorizon (FeeEstimateHorizon horizon)


static const char * FEE_ESTIMATES_FILENAME = "fee_estimates.dat"
static constexpr double INF_FEERATE = 1e99

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◆ StringForFeeEstimateHorizon()

std::string StringForFeeEstimateHorizon ( FeeEstimateHorizon  horizon)

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const char* FEE_ESTIMATES_FILENAME = "fee_estimates.dat"

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constexpr double INF_FEERATE = 1e99

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