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bench_data Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

unsigned char msg [32]
unsigned char key [32]
unsigned char sig [72]
size_t siglen
unsigned char pubkey [33]
size_t pubkeylen
secp256k1_ecmult_multi_func ecmult_multi
size_t count
int includes_g
size_t offset1
size_t offset2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file bench.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ count

size_t bench_data::count

Definition at line 48 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ ctx

secp256k1_context * bench_data::ctx

Definition at line 70 of file bench.c.

◆ ecmult_multi

secp256k1_ecmult_multi_func bench_data::ecmult_multi

Definition at line 45 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ expected_output

secp256k1_gej* bench_data::expected_output

Definition at line 44 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ includes_g

int bench_data::includes_g

Definition at line 49 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ key

unsigned char bench_data::key[32]

Definition at line 72 of file bench.c.

◆ msg

unsigned char bench_data::msg[32]

Definition at line 71 of file bench.c.

◆ offset1

size_t bench_data::offset1

Definition at line 53 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ offset2

size_t bench_data::offset2

Definition at line 54 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ output

secp256k1_gej* bench_data::output

Definition at line 57 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ pubkey

unsigned char bench_data::pubkey[33]

Definition at line 75 of file bench.c.

◆ pubkeylen

size_t bench_data::pubkeylen

Definition at line 76 of file bench.c.

◆ pubkeys

secp256k1_ge* bench_data::pubkeys

Definition at line 41 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ pubkeys_gej

secp256k1_gej* bench_data::pubkeys_gej

Definition at line 42 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ scalars

secp256k1_scalar* bench_data::scalars

Definition at line 40 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ scratch

secp256k1_scratch_space* bench_data::scratch

Definition at line 39 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ seckeys

secp256k1_scalar* bench_data::seckeys

Definition at line 43 of file bench_ecmult.c.

◆ sig

unsigned char bench_data::sig[72]

Definition at line 73 of file bench.c.

◆ siglen

size_t bench_data::siglen

Definition at line 74 of file bench.c.

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