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secp256k1_strauss_point_state Struct Reference

#include <ecmult_impl.h>

Public Attributes

secp256k1_scalar na_1
secp256k1_scalar na_lam
int wnaf_na_1 [129]
int wnaf_na_lam [129]
int bits_na_1
int bits_na_lam
size_t input_pos

Detailed Description

Definition at line 203 of file ecmult_impl.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bits_na_1

int secp256k1_strauss_point_state::bits_na_1

Definition at line 207 of file ecmult_impl.h.

◆ bits_na_lam

int secp256k1_strauss_point_state::bits_na_lam

Definition at line 208 of file ecmult_impl.h.

◆ input_pos

size_t secp256k1_strauss_point_state::input_pos

Definition at line 209 of file ecmult_impl.h.

◆ na_1

secp256k1_scalar secp256k1_strauss_point_state::na_1

Definition at line 204 of file ecmult_impl.h.

◆ na_lam

secp256k1_scalar secp256k1_strauss_point_state::na_lam

Definition at line 204 of file ecmult_impl.h.

◆ wnaf_na_1

int secp256k1_strauss_point_state::wnaf_na_1[129]

Definition at line 205 of file ecmult_impl.h.

◆ wnaf_na_lam

int secp256k1_strauss_point_state::wnaf_na_lam[129]

Definition at line 206 of file ecmult_impl.h.

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