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txindex.cpp File Reference
#include <index/disktxpos.h>
#include <index/txindex.h>
#include <node/blockstorage.h>
#include <node/ui_interface.h>
#include <shutdown.h>
#include <util/system.h>
#include <util/translation.h>
#include <validation.h>
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class  TxIndex::DB
 Access to the txindex database (indexes/txindex/) More...


static void WriteTxIndexMigrationBatches (CDBWrapper &newdb, CDBWrapper &olddb, CDBBatch &batch_newdb, CDBBatch &batch_olddb, const std::pair< uint8_t, uint256 > &begin_key, const std::pair< uint8_t, uint256 > &end_key)


constexpr uint8_t DB_BEST_BLOCK {'B'}
constexpr uint8_t DB_TXINDEX {'t'}
constexpr uint8_t DB_TXINDEX_BLOCK {'T'}
std::unique_ptr< TxIndexg_txindex
 The global transaction index, used in GetTransaction. May be null. More...

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◆ WriteTxIndexMigrationBatches()

static void WriteTxIndexMigrationBatches ( CDBWrapper newdb,
CDBWrapper olddb,
CDBBatch batch_newdb,
CDBBatch batch_olddb,
const std::pair< uint8_t, uint256 > &  begin_key,
const std::pair< uint8_t, uint256 > &  end_key 

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constexpr uint8_t DB_BEST_BLOCK {'B'}

Definition at line 14 of file txindex.cpp.


constexpr uint8_t DB_TXINDEX {'t'}

Definition at line 15 of file txindex.cpp.


constexpr uint8_t DB_TXINDEX_BLOCK {'T'}

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◆ g_txindex

std::unique_ptr<TxIndex> g_txindex

The global transaction index, used in GetTransaction. May be null.

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