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pubkey.h File Reference
#include <hash.h>
#include <serialize.h>
#include <span.h>
#include <uint256.h>
#include <cstring>
#include <optional>
#include <vector>
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class  CKeyID
 A reference to a CKey: the Hash160 of its serialized public key. More...
class  CPubKey
 An encapsulated public key. More...
class  XOnlyPubKey
struct  EllSwiftPubKey
 An ElligatorSwift-encoded public key. More...
struct  CExtPubKey


typedef uint256 ChainCode


const unsigned int BIP32_EXTKEY_SIZE = 74
const unsigned int BIP32_EXTKEY_WITH_VERSION_SIZE = 78

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◆ ChainCode

typedef uint256 ChainCode

Definition at line 30 of file pubkey.h.

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const unsigned int BIP32_EXTKEY_SIZE = 74

Definition at line 19 of file pubkey.h.


const unsigned int BIP32_EXTKEY_WITH_VERSION_SIZE = 78

Definition at line 20 of file pubkey.h.