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pubkey.h File Reference
#include <hash.h>
#include <serialize.h>
#include <span.h>
#include <uint256.h>
#include <cstring>
#include <optional>
#include <vector>
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class  CKeyID
 A reference to a CKey: the Hash160 of its serialized public key. More...
class  CPubKey
 An encapsulated public key. More...
class  XOnlyPubKey
struct  CExtPubKey
class  ECCVerifyHandle
 Users of this module must hold an ECCVerifyHandle. More...


typedef uint256 ChainCode
typedef struct secp256k1_context_struct secp256k1_context


const secp256k1_contextGetVerifyContext ()
 Access to the internal secp256k1 context used for verification. More...


const unsigned int BIP32_EXTKEY_SIZE = 74
const unsigned int BIP32_EXTKEY_WITH_VERSION_SIZE = 78

Typedef Documentation

◆ ChainCode

typedef uint256 ChainCode

Definition at line 30 of file pubkey.h.

◆ secp256k1_context

Definition at line 341 of file pubkey.h.

Function Documentation

◆ GetVerifyContext()

const secp256k1_context* GetVerifyContext ( )

Access to the internal secp256k1 context used for verification.

Only intended to be used by key.cpp.

Definition at line 406 of file pubkey.cpp.

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const unsigned int BIP32_EXTKEY_SIZE = 74

Definition at line 19 of file pubkey.h.


const unsigned int BIP32_EXTKEY_WITH_VERSION_SIZE = 78

Definition at line 20 of file pubkey.h.