Bitcoin Core  21.99.0
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2019-2020 The Bitcoin Core developers
2 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
3 // file COPYING or
8 #include <cassert>
9 #include <functional>
10 #include <memory>
11 #include <vector>
13 class ArgsManager;
14 class BanMan;
16 class CConnman;
17 class CScheduler;
18 class CTxMemPool;
19 class ChainstateManager;
20 class PeerManager;
21 namespace interfaces {
22 class Chain;
23 class ChainClient;
24 class WalletClient;
25 } // namespace interfaces
37 struct NodeContext {
38  std::unique_ptr<CConnman> connman;
39  std::unique_ptr<CTxMemPool> mempool;
40  std::unique_ptr<CBlockPolicyEstimator> fee_estimator;
41  std::unique_ptr<PeerManager> peerman;
42  ChainstateManager* chainman{nullptr}; // Currently a raw pointer because the memory is not managed by this struct
43  std::unique_ptr<BanMan> banman;
44  ArgsManager* args{nullptr}; // Currently a raw pointer because the memory is not managed by this struct
45  std::unique_ptr<interfaces::Chain> chain;
47  std::vector<std::unique_ptr<interfaces::ChainClient>> chain_clients;
50  interfaces::WalletClient* wallet_client{nullptr};
51  std::unique_ptr<CScheduler> scheduler;
52  std::function<void()> rpc_interruption_point = [] {};
57  NodeContext();
58  ~NodeContext();
59 };
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< interfaces::ChainClient > > chain_clients
List of all chain clients (wallet processes or other client) connected to node.
Definition: context.h:47
Definition: banman.h:57
std::unique_ptr< BanMan > banman
Definition: context.h:43
Provides an interface for creating and interacting with one or two chainstates: an IBD chainstate gen...
Definition: validation.h:772
std::unique_ptr< CTxMemPool > mempool
Definition: context.h:39
std::unique_ptr< interfaces::Chain > chain
Definition: context.h:45
Wallet chain client that in addition to having chain client methods for starting up, shutting down, and registering RPCs, also has additional methods (called by the GUI) to load and create wallets.
Definition: wallet.h:309
NodeContext struct containing references to chain state and connection state.
Definition: context.h:37
std::unique_ptr< CConnman > connman
Definition: context.h:38
The BlockPolicyEstimator is used for estimating the feerate needed for a transaction to be included i...
Definition: fees.h:131
Definition: net.h:795
std::unique_ptr< PeerManager > peerman
Definition: context.h:41
CTxMemPool stores valid-according-to-the-current-best-chain transactions that may be included in the ...
Definition: txmempool.h:474
std::unique_ptr< CBlockPolicyEstimator > fee_estimator
Definition: context.h:40
Simple class for background tasks that should be run periodically or once "after a while"...
Definition: scheduler.h:32
std::unique_ptr< CScheduler > scheduler
Definition: context.h:51