Bitcoin Core  0.19.99
P2P Digital Currency
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1 // Copyright (c) 2009-2019 The Bitcoin Core developers
2 // Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying
3 // file COPYING or
8 #if defined(HAVE_CONFIG_H)
10 #endif
12 #include <compat.h>
13 #include <serialize.h>
15 #include <stdint.h>
16 #include <string>
17 #include <vector>
19 enum Network
20 {
28 };
31 class CNetAddr
32 {
33  protected:
34  unsigned char ip[16]; // in network byte order
35  uint32_t scopeId{0}; // for scoped/link-local ipv6 addresses
37  public:
38  CNetAddr();
39  explicit CNetAddr(const struct in_addr& ipv4Addr);
40  void SetIP(const CNetAddr& ip);
42  private:
47  void SetRaw(Network network, const uint8_t *data);
49  public:
50  bool SetInternal(const std::string& name);
52  bool SetSpecial(const std::string &strName); // for Tor addresses
53  bool IsBindAny() const; // INADDR_ANY equivalent
54  bool IsIPv4() const; // IPv4 mapped address (::FFFF:0:0/96,
55  bool IsIPv6() const; // IPv6 address (not mapped IPv4, not Tor)
56  bool IsRFC1918() const; // IPv4 private networks (,,
57  bool IsRFC2544() const; // IPv4 inter-network communications (
58  bool IsRFC6598() const; // IPv4 ISP-level NAT (
59  bool IsRFC5737() const; // IPv4 documentation addresses (,,
60  bool IsRFC3849() const; // IPv6 documentation address (2001:0DB8::/32)
61  bool IsRFC3927() const; // IPv4 autoconfig (
62  bool IsRFC3964() const; // IPv6 6to4 tunnelling (2002::/16)
63  bool IsRFC4193() const; // IPv6 unique local (FC00::/7)
64  bool IsRFC4380() const; // IPv6 Teredo tunnelling (2001::/32)
65  bool IsRFC4843() const; // IPv6 ORCHID (deprecated) (2001:10::/28)
66  bool IsRFC7343() const; // IPv6 ORCHIDv2 (2001:20::/28)
67  bool IsRFC4862() const; // IPv6 autoconfig (FE80::/64)
68  bool IsRFC6052() const; // IPv6 well-known prefix for IPv4-embedded address (64:FF9B::/96)
69  bool IsRFC6145() const; // IPv6 IPv4-translated address (::FFFF:0:0:0/96) (actually defined in RFC2765)
70  bool IsTor() const;
71  bool IsLocal() const;
72  bool IsRoutable() const;
73  bool IsInternal() const;
74  bool IsValid() const;
75  enum Network GetNetwork() const;
76  std::string ToString() const;
77  std::string ToStringIP() const;
78  unsigned int GetByte(int n) const;
79  uint64_t GetHash() const;
80  bool GetInAddr(struct in_addr* pipv4Addr) const;
81  std::vector<unsigned char> GetGroup() const;
82  int GetReachabilityFrom(const CNetAddr *paddrPartner = nullptr) const;
84  explicit CNetAddr(const struct in6_addr& pipv6Addr, const uint32_t scope = 0);
85  bool GetIn6Addr(struct in6_addr* pipv6Addr) const;
87  friend bool operator==(const CNetAddr& a, const CNetAddr& b);
88  friend bool operator!=(const CNetAddr& a, const CNetAddr& b) { return !(a == b); }
89  friend bool operator<(const CNetAddr& a, const CNetAddr& b);
93  template <typename Stream, typename Operation>
94  inline void SerializationOp(Stream& s, Operation ser_action) {
95  READWRITE(ip);
96  }
98  friend class CSubNet;
99 };
101 class CSubNet
102 {
103  protected:
107  uint8_t netmask[16];
109  bool valid;
111  public:
112  CSubNet();
113  CSubNet(const CNetAddr &addr, int32_t mask);
114  CSubNet(const CNetAddr &addr, const CNetAddr &mask);
116  //constructor for single ip subnet (<ipv4>/32 or <ipv6>/128)
117  explicit CSubNet(const CNetAddr &addr);
119  bool Match(const CNetAddr &addr) const;
121  std::string ToString() const;
122  bool IsValid() const;
124  friend bool operator==(const CSubNet& a, const CSubNet& b);
125  friend bool operator!=(const CSubNet& a, const CSubNet& b) { return !(a == b); }
126  friend bool operator<(const CSubNet& a, const CSubNet& b);
130  template <typename Stream, typename Operation>
131  inline void SerializationOp(Stream& s, Operation ser_action) {
132  READWRITE(network);
133  READWRITE(netmask);
134  READWRITE(valid);
135  }
136 };
139 class CService : public CNetAddr
140 {
141  protected:
142  uint16_t port; // host order
144  public:
145  CService();
146  CService(const CNetAddr& ip, unsigned short port);
147  CService(const struct in_addr& ipv4Addr, unsigned short port);
148  explicit CService(const struct sockaddr_in& addr);
149  unsigned short GetPort() const;
150  bool GetSockAddr(struct sockaddr* paddr, socklen_t *addrlen) const;
151  bool SetSockAddr(const struct sockaddr* paddr);
152  friend bool operator==(const CService& a, const CService& b);
153  friend bool operator!=(const CService& a, const CService& b) { return !(a == b); }
154  friend bool operator<(const CService& a, const CService& b);
155  std::vector<unsigned char> GetKey() const;
156  std::string ToString() const;
157  std::string ToStringPort() const;
158  std::string ToStringIPPort() const;
160  CService(const struct in6_addr& ipv6Addr, unsigned short port);
161  explicit CService(const struct sockaddr_in6& addr);
165  template <typename Stream, typename Operation>
166  inline void SerializationOp(Stream& s, Operation ser_action) {
167  READWRITE(ip);
168  READWRITE(WrapBigEndian(port));
169  }
170 };
int GetReachabilityFrom(const CNetAddr *paddrPartner=nullptr) const
Calculates a metric for how reachable (*this) is from a given partner.
Definition: netaddress.cpp:511
friend class CSubNet
Definition: netaddress.h:98
bool IsLocal() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:223
bool IsRFC4380() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:180
void SetIP(const CNetAddr &ip)
Definition: netaddress.cpp:27
bool IsIPv6() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:129
uint16_t port
Definition: netaddress.h:142
bool IsInternal() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:305
CNetAddr network
Network (base) address.
Definition: netaddress.h:105
bool IsBindAny() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:114
bool GetInAddr(struct in_addr *pipv4Addr) const
Try to get our IPv4 address.
Definition: netaddress.cpp:376
std::string ToString() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:351
bool GetIn6Addr(struct in6_addr *pipv6Addr) const
Try to get our IPv6 address.
Definition: netaddress.cpp:394
BigEndian< I > WrapBigEndian(I &n)
Definition: serialize.h:572
enum Network GetNetwork() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:310
bool IsRFC2544() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:142
Definition: netaddress.h:163
bool IsRFC4862() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:185
bool IsValid() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:247
std::vector< unsigned char > GetGroup() const
Get the canonical identifier of our network group.
Definition: netaddress.cpp:413
friend bool operator!=(const CNetAddr &a, const CNetAddr &b)
Definition: netaddress.h:88
friend bool operator!=(const CSubNet &a, const CSubNet &b)
Definition: netaddress.h:125
bool IsIPv4() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:124
bool IsRFC5737() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:157
uint32_t scopeId
Definition: netaddress.h:35
bool IsRFC6145() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:196
bool IsRFC6052() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:174
friend bool operator!=(const CService &a, const CService &b)
Definition: netaddress.h:153
std::string ToStringIP() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:327
const char * name
Definition: rest.cpp:40
A combination of a network address (CNetAddr) and a (TCP) port.
Definition: netaddress.h:139
Definition: netaddress.h:19
unsigned int GetByte(int n) const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:109
bool IsRFC3849() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:164
bool IsRoutable() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:295
uint64_t GetHash() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:489
bool valid
Is this value valid? (only used to signal parse errors)
Definition: netaddress.h:109
void SerializationOp(Stream &s, Operation ser_action)
Definition: netaddress.h:166
IP address (IPv6, or IPv4 using mapped IPv6 range (::FFFF:0:0/96))
Definition: netaddress.h:31
friend bool operator<(const CNetAddr &a, const CNetAddr &b)
Definition: netaddress.cpp:361
bool IsRFC1918() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:134
bool IsRFC6598() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:152
bool IsRFC3927() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:147
Definition: netaddress.h:91
friend bool operator==(const CNetAddr &a, const CNetAddr &b)
Definition: netaddress.cpp:356
unsigned char ip[16]
Definition: netaddress.h:34
void SerializationOp(Stream &s, Operation ser_action)
Definition: netaddress.h:131
void SetRaw(Network network, const uint8_t *data)
Set raw IPv4 or IPv6 address (in network byte order)
Definition: netaddress.cpp:32
bool SetSpecial(const std::string &strName)
Try to make this a dummy address that maps the specified onion address into IPv6 using OnionCat&#39;s ran...
Definition: netaddress.cpp:84
bool IsRFC7343() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:207
bool IsRFC4843() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:202
bool SetInternal(const std::string &name)
Try to make this a dummy address that maps the specified name into IPv6 like so: (0xFD + sha256("bitc...
Definition: netaddress.cpp:62
#define READWRITE(...)
Definition: serialize.h:183
bool IsRFC4193() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:191
bool IsTor() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:218
void SerializationOp(Stream &s, Operation ser_action)
Definition: netaddress.h:94
Definition: netaddress.h:128
bool IsRFC3964() const
Definition: netaddress.cpp:169
Construct an unspecified IPv6 network address (::/128).
Definition: netaddress.cpp:22